Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One More Post Today...

September 8, 2009 - Back to School for the kids!

And one more card I forgot to put in the previous post. This was a card we did in Orlando at the Super Craftshow. I sent it to a friend for her birthday. (I tried to move it to the bottom of this post but it wouldn't go so I guess I'm leaving it here.)

Oh, I just love my kids!
Did you notice my youngest daughter has her Bible in her hand in additition to another reading book?

Feast or Famine!

Well, you've got 26 or 27 cards to look at here.
It's not that I haven't been crafting - I have!
I've just not been posting.
Life has a way of happening you know!
These aren't in any specific order so I will quickly just tell you what occasion each was done for. Okay?
This first one is for my niece, Emily. Her birthday is coming up so it's still sitting in my craft room waiting to be mailed.

And this one was for a friend who gave me some Gamsol so I could play with my new pencils.

And this one was for my brother's girlfriend who had a birthday without me knowing about it. It's a little "belated" greeting!

And this one is for a friend's husband who had some skin cancer removed from his face. I know, the bandaids are in the wrong place but it's the only stamp I had that even remotely came close to a male having a boo-boo!

This one was for a very dear friend of mine whom I used to work with at the furniture store. Just a note of encouragement.

And this one's for a friend whose having a birthday in October. Yes, it's still sitting in my craft room too!

This one's for the group who had us in to minister at their Bible camp. It's just a little thank you that the whole family will sign and I'll eventually get in the mail!

This one's for my father-in-law's birthday. He really is "one of a kind!" Awesome and wonderful man! I love him!

This one's for a friend's birthday and is actually en route to California as we speak. The inside reads "...appreciate what is." In this case, the birthday boy (man) is "what is and yes! We appreciate him!"

This one's for a friend's church whose having a rededication service in a couple of days. My husband is the guest speaker at the event! Reason to celebrate indeed!

And this one was for another friend's ordination. He and his family have been missionaries in Khazakstan for 8 years, soon to be missionaries in China.

This is one of the cards I did at our church Stamp Camp in August. I wanted to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

A baby girl card for a couple at our church. The buggy has lights on it that lite up all over when the button is pushed! Fun!

Another Stamp Camp card that another friend did. (4 of us girls did 2 cards each. Sadly, I only have one of the girls' creations! 4 more beautiful cards are left unappreciated by you.)I sent this one to my hubby's brother and his wife for their anniversary recently.

Another Stamp Camp card done by the same girl who did the previous one. I sent this one to my mother-in-law for her birthday. She loved it!

And yet another Stamp Camp card that I did. I sent this one to the director of one of my kids' schools who was celebrating 50 years there!

My brother and sister-in-law's anniversary card.

A friend's daughter's wedding card. Don't you just love black and white together?

A thank you card to my daughter for the birthday gifts she brought me.

A thank you card to my friend for her birthday gift!

And a thank you card to my mom for her gift!

This one's for another friend's gift!

This one was for a very sad occasion. My 2nd daughter's friend from high school was killed in a car accident a couple weeks ago and this was the card I made for her family. Her favorite color was orange. If you think about it, please remember the Sherlock family in your prayers. It's been very rough time for them. (Thanks!)

This was my sister's birthday card. She was born the day after me only 6 years later. My husband thought this looked like "kids in a car seat" but clearly you can see that it's an ice cream sundae, right?

(Nearing the end here...)
This one was for my aunt in Oregon for her birthday.

And this one was for our kitchen crew at church who made me a gorgeous cake for my birthday! They're amazing, truly!

These are most of the cards that I've done since we've chatted. They're the ones I remembered to take pictures of anyways. Some got mailed or delivered without being preserved for posterity! Oh well...
See, I've been crafting, just not posting. Hopefully that will change from here on out but there are no guarantees!
I guess that's it!
Blessings to one and all!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Back!

Hi Everybody! I'm home once again! And it's good to be so. I still haven't caught my breath, but I have to tell you -- it was one glorious week! My hubby did an awesome job ministering (as did the other guest minister - they tag-teamed services). Our kids had a fabulous time too and have one common chant at this point - "We want to go back next year!" I think we'll have to make another line item in our budget so we can make it happen! Great fun for all!!!

The Delaware River looked like chocolate milk due to the rains "up river" which washed mud "down river" (as well as the powers that be having to release tons of water from the reservoirs due to them overflowing which caused even more mud to slide into the river) we didn't get to do the jet skiing, tubing or canoeing. But that's okay because we swam, played basketball, visited with new friends, took naps (yes! DH and I took naps nearly every day - can you believe it???). We ate 3 good meals a day like clockwork (8:30, 12:30 & 5:30) which were even more wonderful since I didn't have to cook them OR clean up the dishes afterwards. Hey, I could get used to this!!!

I took a craft box with me but only managed to make one card while away (too busy napping) so once I get that stuff all put away and get my craft room in order yet again, I'll be back with some creations, ok?

Hope you all missed me! Oh, and by the way, we were on the Pennsylvania side of the river, not New Jersey!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home From Florida, Heading for New Jersey!

Hello Everyone!!! I'm back from Florida and the CHA Craft Supershow, but this Saturday my family and I leave for New Jersey so this will be the only post until after we get back on the 15th! I know you'll miss me!

The Craft Supershow was amazing! Florida was way too hot and humid for my taste, so I've decided that's one place I'd never like to live - ever! Wow!

I dont' know what the final count was for attendance, but for what I saw and experienced, I'd say it exceeded their expected numbers. Since this was the first time they did an event like this, I'm sure they're already making their list of things to improve for the next time!

Here's a few pics from our trip.

This is a group shot of the team that went with the Ye Olde Outhouse.

Here we are setting up the booth. Isn't the outhouse the cutest thing you ever saw? The Assistant Pastor at our church made it for Betty. She and Kim drove with the thing on top of Betty's van all the way from New York to Florida! Lest you think they were totally out of their minds, it was in pieces and wrapped in a tarp to keep it safe from the rain (and they got ALOT).

This is Betty, owner of the Ye Olde Outhouse and the one with a huge vision for her company.

And this is Kim, Betty's traveling companion and all-around right arm through the whole process! She was the Master Teacher in all of the workshops and she did a fabulous job! Our students loved her!!! I found that she's quite a funny lady too. She kept us all in stitches with her funny stories and antics.

This is Bev, Betty's sister-in-law. She was an amazing asset to the team! She worked like the Energizer Bunny each and every day. What was so amazing about her was her bright heart and cheery attitude no matter the heat, humidity, hard work, or anything. She was a real joy to spend time with! She came all the way from Colorado to help Betty do this show.

And this is Colleen, the one who flew with me from New York and back! She, too, was a hard worker and a fun member of the team. She was Betty's top sales girl and sincerely did an awesome job doing what she was there to do! If ever you need someone to draw attention to something, Colleen's your girl! She had them coming in by the droves!

Doing this show was quite the experience!!! Alot was learned which will only prepare Betty for the next time she decides to do a show of this magnitude. Overall, everyone did an outstanding job and I, for one, was blessed to be a part of the team.

Now I'm preparing for our week away at a New Jersey Family Camp where my husband is the guest speaker. He'll preach 7 times in a matter of 5 days so it won't be a vacation for him but it will certainly be alot of fun for the family as a whole.

See you when I get back! Happy Stamping!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Craft Supershow, Here I Come!!!

It's time once again to hit the friendly skies, this time to sunny Orlando, Florida!!! As you probably are aware, the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) trade show is there this summer (they do these shows twice a year - I went in January to California to their winter one). For the first time ever, after the trade show for retailers, manufacturers, members of CHA, etc., they're having a Craft Supershow which will be open to the public. Expected attendance - 6,000!!!
My friend, Betty, owns a craft store called Ye Olde Outhouse. She was asked by the CHA echelon to host some workshops using different techniques and applications, not necessarily just cards, to which she agreed. The team (of which I am part) has been working for months preparing for this event. I will be one of the instructors at the 5 workshops on Friday and Saturday. Betty and Kim (the other instructor) are already in Orlando at the CHA. They drove down with a van jam-packed to the brim with necessities, plus the portable "outhouse" on top! (I'll have to send pics later.) Colleen and I (she'll be working at the booth selling stuff) fly out tomorrow morning. Then Bev, Betty's sister-in-law, is flying in from Colorado to work the booth as well.

This is to let you know that you won't be seeing me online for about a week. Please agree with us that "all will be well" and that the supershow will be a total success for everyone, especially Betty. She's really gone out on a limb for this!

Check out our classes too! Look under Education tab of the CHA Craft Supershow website, then under Ye Olde Outhouse projects!

Wish you all could go too! I'll report in when I return.

Friday, July 24, 2009

2 Special Ladies' Thank Yous

Several weeks ago my youngest son sat at the kitchen table twirling his fingers through my crocheted table cloth while he ate his breakfast! I was devastated when I saw the result of his twirling - a hole the size of a baseball! This tablecloth is special to me because it's a special gift from my husband from one of his overseas trips, India if I remember right.

My friend, Carolyn, who knows everyone, said she had a friend who could fix it. Anna, when looking at the tablecloth, decided this was a job fit for her friend, Rosemary, as it was too detailed and beyond her expertise. Rosemary took the tablecloth, and having just had surgery on her arm, sat for a month repairing each and every stitch! You can't even tell where the hole was now! She did an amazing job! And after it was finished, she then gave it back to Anna who starched & ironed it, preparing it for its return to me!

Neither lady would take any money for their labor saying it was "an act of love" for me, someone they never had even met! So I figured I'd send them a 6-pack of note cards that they could use when sending gifts, a note of thanks, encouragement, whatever!!! While the packets were pretty much the same, there were slight variations with each of the cards.

This is Rosemary's thank you card.

And this is Anna's.

And these are the note packets I sent to each of them for an exceptional job well done!

Thank you ladies! I am so grateful and appreciative for what you have done!
(In case you're wondering what "consequences" my son received for such an act, I withheld his new paintball hopper, bought and sitting in the packaging and very much in my room and out of his hands, until such time as the tablecloth was back in my possession! A lesson well-learned on his part!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

25 Years For Ron & Judy!

25 years ago our friends, Ron & Judy, began pastoring their church near Buffalo, NY. To commemorate their silver anniversary at Love Joy, I made them this black & white card using lots of silver brads on the crossed score lines!!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two very special people!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Janet's Corrosive Creations Challenge #20

"WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?" is the theme for this week's challenge over at Janet's Corrosive Creations Challenge Blog. I had fun with this one too. I even dug out (no pun intented) an old SU set that I've used many times on other projects, but nothing lately.
As you can see, the dogs are out enjoying themselves, as they should be!
Hope everyone has a YAPPY day!!! (sorry, couldn't help myself)

Stampin' For The Weekend Challenge #7

Here's my entry for the Stampin' For The Weekend Challenge #7. It's actually a birthday card I did for one of my SBS sisters. Sun, Sand & Surf make one happy adventure for me and fits the song title "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks. There were 2 other song titles to base your card on too..."Tangled Up In Blue" by Bob Dylan and "Three Times A Lady" by the Commodores.
Hope you're enjoying summer where you are!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Couple of Recent Projects

I've spent alot of time lately on my Harley lately so I've not posted anything in a few days. But in between road trips I have created some things, which I'll show you over the course of a few posts.

This first card is for our Assistant Pastor and his wife's anniversary coming up on the 18th. I used some of the new 2009-2010 In Color colors and DSP. Very simple.

This next card is another simple one for one of my uncles in California.

We're expecting rain off and on for the next week so I'll undoubtedly be inside more than I'd prefer to be. But that also means I'll be online more seeing what you all have been up to and hopefully showing you my creations!

Have a blessed day everybody!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sketch Saturday #59 Challenge

Here's my entry for the Sketch Saturday #59 challenge. I had so much fun doing this one. Don't you just love that butterfly??? It's dream, I'm sure, is to find one beautiful flower after another! This is actually a birthday card that I'll send to my friend near Syracuse next month.
Time to get ready for church!!! Indeed this is the day the Lord has made...and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!!! It's a wonderfully-sunny day already, promising more sOnshine throughout the day! Blessings everybody!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Stampin' For the Weekend Challenge #6

The theme for this week's challenge is "Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate," so of course my mind immediately started singing this song, which really has NOTHING to do with chocolate OR strawberries! Here goes...

"When I think about rain, I think about singing,
When I think about singing, it's a heavenly tune.
When I think about heaven, I think about angels,
When I think about angels, I think about YOU!"

I know you're wondering why I would start singing THAT song when I should've been at least thinking about chocolate and strawberries. Well this is how I got there.

"Strawberries," ... mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm!
"Chocolate," ... MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM!
And the 2 together ... "pure heaven," which made me think about the song! Weird, I know!

But the fact that I love this delectable treat also made me think of phileo love, the kind between a husband and wife. And then I thought of Josh & Kelly, our youth leaders, who have an anniversary coming up in a few days. And then I thought, I need to make them a "strawberries dipped in chocolate" kind of card, or something that would fit the theme. So then my song became... (drum roll please)

"When I think about chocolate, I think about berries,
When I think about them together, it's a heavenly tune.
When I think about heaven, I think about love,
When I think about love, Josh and Kelly that's YOU!"

Can you see how I got there from here? You can't? Okay, I'll have to orbit a while longer in my own little world. But at least I'm still singing!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wedding Card For Our Niece

My husband's brother's daughter (aka "our niece") is getting married on Saturday, the 11th. "Uncle Eric" was asked to officate at the wedding so he flew out to LAX yesterday along with our youngest daughter so he could be there to "do the honors." Deb just wanted to go with her dad.

Here's the card I did for Breanne and Jeff to send with their gift. Her favorite color has always been purple so I of course accommodated her color scheme...only to find out later her wedding colors didn't include purple at all, but rather green and brown!!! Oh well, I tried.

I think this picture is just adorable though, don't you?

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Know What You Must Be Thinking!

Where is she?
Why hasn't she posted anything in more than 2 weeks?
Did she run away from home?

"On the run" (not from the law OR my family, but on the run just the same).
"Busy. Busy. Busy." ... and ...
"No" are the answers to those questions (though running away from home sounded like a good idea on more than one occasion!).

Truly, the operative word behind all my musings these past couple of weeks is
being just plain busy. I've really had no time at all to do much crafting.
Ever since my hubby's birthday I've had one thing after another to either attend, take care of, administer, figure out, fetch, plan for or accommodate.
Thankfully I have been able to leave comments on a few blogs, but that's about it.

Hopefully today will mark the end of the lull in the "Sofa Lady news" department.

Lest you think it's been all work and no play, let me show you a couple of pics of my adventures on the 4th of July. Several of us gathered for a ride from upstate New York to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania - 110 miles one way! It was fabulous!!! The only thing that would've made it even better was if my hubby could've gone too. Unfortunately he had to man the home front and finish the bathroom remodel. (Bummer, I know. I so missed him!) Here's just a couple pics of that day:

This is our group standing in front of the overlook.
We look like a motley bunch, don't we?

And this one is what we could see from the "lookout" point.
Simply beautiful!

I had to get this shot too because it shows how even the guys were taken up with the awesomeness of the view!

And yes, I did manage to get this card done in the midst of my crazy life.
It's for our former pastor's birthday whose big day is July 3rd.
I usually do stars & stripes or red, white & blue, but this year I thought I'd do something totally unrelated to the Independence Day holiday.
I can't imagine what he must've thought as he opened it from his mailbox, but that's okay.
It's the thought that counts, right?

I trust everyone is off to a great new week!!!