Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tis the Season to Be Jolly...Fa La La La La...!

The day after Thanksgiving officially launched the start of the Christmas season with people and their shopping carts bombarding the stores which opened before daylight. Thankfully I wasn't one of those people leaving the warmth of my DH and our cozy bed, though I have been known to join the ranks of craziness a couple of times in years past. This year I'm ahead of the game as I began my shopping this summer while on vacation in Tennessee. And since my DH and I did some more shopping a few weeks back, and me much more this weekend, we're that much closer to being done totally which I anticipate being in the next couple of weeks. But then there's all that wrapping to do which, honestly, I love just as much!

In fact, I love everything this time of year dictates. Friends and loved ones to see. Decorating the house. Trimming the tree, after we've tromped through the woods to find yet another "perfect one!" Christmas caroles to sing. Cards, cookies & treats to make. Parties to attend and host. I love it all. And I'm sure you do too because, afterall, it's Christmas!

My prayer for you this season is that the Spirit of Christmas would capture your heart in a new and magical way, giving you a childlike sparkle in your eyes as you anticipate the wonder of each unfolding day. In the midst of the busy-ness may you remember why we do what we do this time of year. It's because of the little baby Jesus whose birth announced peace and hope for the entire world. Truly He is the Reason for the season. May we all join with the chorus of angels in heaven as they sing, "Hosanna in the highest!"

God Bless You!
Merry Christmas!
Happy shopping...and wrapping...and eating...and celebrating!
Tis the season to be jolly...Fa La La La La, La La La La!

And shortly I'll be able to show you some of the Christmas cards I've been busily making! I got my first Tildas and they're wonderful! I NEED Copic markers to do them the justice they deserve, but until then I'll use what I have. But, I did put them on my Christmas List for my hubby's eyes to see!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun With My Girls!

Yesterday was a whirlwind, a good day, but so long. After our church responsibilities I took my 2 youngest daughters to my college daughter's apartment so her friend could do their hair. What a time we had! Complete with cheesecake, sparkling juice and chocolate in hand, we set out on some quality girl time! "AK" is my daughter's friend from Nigeria. She's a beautiful young woman with a heart of gold. And apparently she's the resident "corn rower" of all of her friends! She was so good to sit with Deb for 4-1/2 hours from start to finish just to give her a gorgeous "new do!" Here they are as they are beginning the detangling process! But because t took so long to do Deb's hair, Hannah will have to wait until next time to have her's done!

And here's Deb all combed out and ready for her braids! She's so happy!
The bottom (or back) is done and now AK is ready to start on the top.

Here's the 2 smiling girls all done with the event! Deb looks great! AK did a fabulous job! And she even gave me some helpful hints on how to maintain a more healthy-looking head of hair on my girls with very curly, ethnic hair.

Here's me with my girls enjoying some fun time before making the hour and 1/2 drive home!

And here's what we woke up to this morning!!! Over 7 inches of fluffy white snow! My kids are delighted! I'm finding I have more on my To Do List now - like get out the shovels, and the boot trays, and clear the sidewalk, and ... and...

Time to kiss my kiddos goodnight!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall / Thanksgiving Theme

No more same-o, same-o! No more comfort zone. As much as I love stars and stripes and the whole patriotic theme, my blog had been seriously lacking something. Thankfully I finally figured out what it was ~ seasonal personality! With that in mind, I'm deciding to change my blog theme with each changing season, special occasion, or perhaps random mood. This will indeed depict much more accurately what frame of reference I happen to be coming from at any given time. And it'll keep people like you wondering what I'm up to next! So without further ado... here's my blog's Fall & Thanksgiving theme! And here's a card from my heart to your's as you celebrate the season! I have so much to be thankful for and I know you do too! I know Turkey Day is a couple weeks away yet, but Happy Thanksgiving anyway! Just think! Only 40 more shopping days til Christmas!!! Anybody started their shopping yet???

Friday, November 14, 2008

SBS #25 Challenge #6 Entry

Take a look at this darling stamp!!! This is the one I won in the SBS #25 Challenge #4. Isn't it the cutest? And so perfect too for this card I needed to make. I told you I'm going to my college daughter's house on Sunday after church so she and her friends can do my two younger daughter's hair. Well, this is one of the thank you's I plan to send afterwards.
The Challenge was to use bling ~ as little or as much as we wanted. So here she is ~ getting all beautiful for a night on the town!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Won a Challenge!

Oh my gosh! I won Challenge #4 of the SBS #25 group, and didn't even know! Well, not until about 15 minutes ago anyways when I went to the post office to pick up my mail and there was this cute little card with these goodies inside! Here's a pic of the booty I just received (which sparked an "Oh! I won!" response). Thank you to Janet and her diligent endeavors to keep us girls stamping and creating "outside the box" of what we might normally do! And thank you for the gifts! They are greatly appreciated!!!

Wanna know something cool before I sign off? Sunday after church I'm taking my 2 younger daughters to one of my older daughter's apartments so her friends can do their hair! I was already anticipating what kind of Thank You card to make for these college girls who are so graciously giving their time and talent to my younger girls. With this new Bella, I have the perfect image to use!!! Thank you again!!!
Time to go play...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Did a Marathon!

I did a marathon yesterday! No, not in the foot race sort of sense, in the stamping sense! Three of my four younger kids were at a youth conference and my one son who didn't go with them was content to play on the Wii all day long! Normally I have very strict limits on how long the kids can play, but yesterday was an exception so he was in hog heaven! So was I. I don't think he got dressed until 5pm or so. But I wasn't the picture of loveliness myself as I didn't get out of my sweats until 3:30, and only then did I spruce myself up a tad because the other kids were going to be home between 4 and 5pm and I was going to have to greet them AND the youth leaders at the door! Such alarming truth!

But because my hubby was out of town and I had no one to wait on hand and foot, I took the opportunity to make the cards I promised to two of my 3 Day WALK donors ... the one who was the highest donor, and the other whose name was pulled from the hat! I made both of them 10 cards each, so that was 20 cards right there, plus a couple other cards and voila! I had the best "neck hurting, back aching, fanny flattening and hand numbing day" a girl could ever want!!! Basically I made them identical sets of cards, with a few variations here and there to fit their personalities. I couldn't quite get a good angle on the pictures but I think you can get the gist of my accomplishments!

I did regular 1/2 fold cards mostly, but I also did some tri-fold cards, buckle cards and criss-cross cards too!

Here they are all packaged and ready to be mailed. This last card on the right is a revamp of my SBS #25 Challenge #5 entry. Anne was so right. Good color on the left, too much of a contrast (stark white!) on the right! So I fiddled with it a bit - decided on some polka dots around the edge of the white, stippled on the white to knock down the "glare," then tried to fade some color from the one side of the slip towards the other. It helps but I still am not happy with it completely. Oh well...

Time to flop on the sofa now and wait for my honey to come home.

Happy Sunday! Have a fabulous day tomorrow everybody!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

SBS #25 Challenge #5 Entry

Here it is ~ my entry for the latest SBS #25 Challenge! I'm just lovin' using my older stamps, here SU's Laundry Notes. I'm not real happy with the final product as it needs a little more "oomph!" Any suggestions?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Mail!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday ... not one, but two cute cards!!! I just love Happy Mail! The card on the left is a thank you card from my one friend who wasn't into stamping all that much til she went on the stamping cruise. Now just look at what she can do (and she does it with enthusiasm too!) The darling Bella card on the right is from my SBS sister, Janet, who sent it for no other reason than to bless me! What an absolutely wonderful surprise!!!
Thank you! Mission accomplished!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weird Sense of Humor?

I can't stop laughing. I think I must have too much time on my hands this morning. On my way upstairs I happened to glance at my calendar and realized that George's birthday was coming up in a week. So I thought I'd make him a birthday card too as long as I was going to be spending some time in "my room."

Problem is...George is a dog, my sister's dog to be exact. He's a little round ball of fur that looks more like a mop with legs. He's spoiled, true, but oh, so cute! When I visit my sister in Florida George always finds it necessary to sleep on the bed with me. Actually I don't mind. That's probably as weird as me wanting to make him one of my creations!

I had a thought! Instead of sending him a card from "Uncle Eric and Aunt Deby and all of the cousins in New York," I'd make him a card and send it from OUR DOG, Amos! Yeah, that'll work! Maybe then it wouldn't seem so odd. Doubtful, I know. But how am I going to get Amos to hold still long enough to get his paw prints on the card without totally destroying it? Afterall, he is a St. Bernard! And if I'm sending a card, I must also send a gift because, you know, cards are nice but presents are even better!!! I suppose that later today I'll have to venture down to the new Bow Wow Bakery that just opened up in town. I'm sure I'll be able to find some delectable treat for the birthday pooch! (Is it just me, or is this getting weirder by the minute!).

Well, I may be the ONLY one whose laughing right now. I can only imagine the look on my sister's face when she helps George with his mail. What? Something not addressed to her? I'm sure she'll get a chuckle (my goal) but in all honesty, George will no doubt find the present the better thing in the box!!! I'll let you know what feedback I get from this little endeavor.

And no, Amos doesn't usually send George cards. He did however, some years ago, send a Christmas card to Barney, my aunt's dog in Oregon (yes, complete with present!)! It's been awhile though so I'm thinking it may be time to acknowledge him again. Could this be the beginning of some new craze in my life? Any pets out there in need of a little lovin' ?

What I really was venturing upstairs for this morning before I was so easily distracted was to make another Pastor Appreciation Thank You card for some dear friends who never miss an opportunity to bless us! Since I loved the color scheme of the SBS #25 Color Challenge I decided to use those colors again. In fact, the woman's mom did her newly-renovated family room in these colors and it's stunning!!! Can't say that I would necessarily have put them together myself but they sure are gorgeous, aren't they?

The image is one that's soon to be released from Stampingbella. It was one of the freebies my friend got on her stamping cruise and then passed on to me! Isn't it the cutest????

Well, I've played long enough and find I must now get to work on some much-needed housework! Shucks! Oh well. At least I've got joy in my heart! The Bible says that "a merry heart does good like medicine" (Prov. 17:22) so girls, have your own personal party today! Laugh at the unlaughable! Make a joke! Tickle someone. But be sure to enjoy the moments brought your way. And remember, God loves you more than anybody else!!! And if you happen to think of George on November 8th, remember he'll be turning 9 years old!

Have a marvelously blessed day!