Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anaheim, CA Here I Come!

Hi Everyone! Sorry to "write and run," but I must! I have a zillion things to do yet before I can pack my suitcase for tomorrow's trip! I'm heading west for the CHA which is taking place in Anaheim, California beginning on Saturday, the 24th. My friend, Betty, and I are going together. She owns a little craft and gift shop nearby and I'm attending as her invited guest. Such fun is in the air! I can hardly wait! I will miss my DH and kids terribly, and oh yes, my new li'l pooch (another story...but let's just sum it up to say I went to the mall to buy a new comforter for my bed and came home with a new dog - all 2.3 lbs. of cute, cuddly fur!). Since they all will miss me too the homecoming on February 2nd will be sweet! (I'm staying a few extra days to visit with my family.)

I'll touch base when I return with lots of pictures and an update of all I experienced!

Think of me as I'm enjoying the 80 degree weather and sunshine while many are suffering through those long, cold, dark, snowy and sometimes unbearably cold & frigid temps! (I'm honestly not trying to rub it in.... hehehe).


Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy 2009 to One and All !!!

I know, I know! I still have a Christmas background on my blog when we're a week + into the new year already! In my defense, the "Cutest Little Blog on the Block" website is under construction at the moment so I can't change it til they're "all better." So bear with me please! Or, if you prefer, keep singing those Christmas carols and stay in the holiday spirit!

There's so much I've missed since being on furlough from my stamping world. I have so many blogs to visit and catch up on, not to mention cards to make which I'm already behind on! Looks like I'll be sending "belated greetings" to several family members and loved ones! Today though I can get started as I'm off from work and have nothing but housework and laundry to do - and both can wait!

First let me say that I had the most wonderfully-awesome Christmas ever. My God-given mom (biological father's wife) came to visit from California which was a total surprise to the kids, as expected! They screamed and about fell over when she walked through the front door! It was the best 2 weeks ever. I was sad to send her home on January 1st but we all know that good-byes are never easy. Since I'll be going to California on the 23rd for the CHA in Anaheim, I'll get to hug her neck again real soon.

My DH got me 2 wonderful gifts for Christmas to support me in my stamping habit - a Cricut and some Copic markers! He has a great memory and so my not-so-subtle hints worked!!! Yippee! I've not had any time to play with either but as I said, today's the day!

As to the One Lovely Blog Award, I'd like to thank my SBS sister, Sharon, for giving it to me. She has a fabulous blog too and has been quite busy lately making the most wonderful cards! I always love to check in and see what she's been up to!

And all I have to do is pass the award along to 7 other lovely blogs, so here goes. Be blessed girls!


Visit each of these blogs, won't you? You won't be disappointed. Now, Becky's been having some health issues so she hasn't posted in awhile. Won't you also offer some encouragement (and most of all, prayer) for her today? We need a quick healing!!!

Love you all!