Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Back!

Hi Everybody! I'm home once again! And it's good to be so. I still haven't caught my breath, but I have to tell you -- it was one glorious week! My hubby did an awesome job ministering (as did the other guest minister - they tag-teamed services). Our kids had a fabulous time too and have one common chant at this point - "We want to go back next year!" I think we'll have to make another line item in our budget so we can make it happen! Great fun for all!!!

The Delaware River looked like chocolate milk due to the rains "up river" which washed mud "down river" (as well as the powers that be having to release tons of water from the reservoirs due to them overflowing which caused even more mud to slide into the river) we didn't get to do the jet skiing, tubing or canoeing. But that's okay because we swam, played basketball, visited with new friends, took naps (yes! DH and I took naps nearly every day - can you believe it???). We ate 3 good meals a day like clockwork (8:30, 12:30 & 5:30) which were even more wonderful since I didn't have to cook them OR clean up the dishes afterwards. Hey, I could get used to this!!!

I took a craft box with me but only managed to make one card while away (too busy napping) so once I get that stuff all put away and get my craft room in order yet again, I'll be back with some creations, ok?

Hope you all missed me! Oh, and by the way, we were on the Pennsylvania side of the river, not New Jersey!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home From Florida, Heading for New Jersey!

Hello Everyone!!! I'm back from Florida and the CHA Craft Supershow, but this Saturday my family and I leave for New Jersey so this will be the only post until after we get back on the 15th! I know you'll miss me!

The Craft Supershow was amazing! Florida was way too hot and humid for my taste, so I've decided that's one place I'd never like to live - ever! Wow!

I dont' know what the final count was for attendance, but for what I saw and experienced, I'd say it exceeded their expected numbers. Since this was the first time they did an event like this, I'm sure they're already making their list of things to improve for the next time!

Here's a few pics from our trip.

This is a group shot of the team that went with the Ye Olde Outhouse.

Here we are setting up the booth. Isn't the outhouse the cutest thing you ever saw? The Assistant Pastor at our church made it for Betty. She and Kim drove with the thing on top of Betty's van all the way from New York to Florida! Lest you think they were totally out of their minds, it was in pieces and wrapped in a tarp to keep it safe from the rain (and they got ALOT).

This is Betty, owner of the Ye Olde Outhouse and the one with a huge vision for her company.

And this is Kim, Betty's traveling companion and all-around right arm through the whole process! She was the Master Teacher in all of the workshops and she did a fabulous job! Our students loved her!!! I found that she's quite a funny lady too. She kept us all in stitches with her funny stories and antics.

This is Bev, Betty's sister-in-law. She was an amazing asset to the team! She worked like the Energizer Bunny each and every day. What was so amazing about her was her bright heart and cheery attitude no matter the heat, humidity, hard work, or anything. She was a real joy to spend time with! She came all the way from Colorado to help Betty do this show.

And this is Colleen, the one who flew with me from New York and back! She, too, was a hard worker and a fun member of the team. She was Betty's top sales girl and sincerely did an awesome job doing what she was there to do! If ever you need someone to draw attention to something, Colleen's your girl! She had them coming in by the droves!

Doing this show was quite the experience!!! Alot was learned which will only prepare Betty for the next time she decides to do a show of this magnitude. Overall, everyone did an outstanding job and I, for one, was blessed to be a part of the team.

Now I'm preparing for our week away at a New Jersey Family Camp where my husband is the guest speaker. He'll preach 7 times in a matter of 5 days so it won't be a vacation for him but it will certainly be alot of fun for the family as a whole.

See you when I get back! Happy Stamping!