Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Lovin' It !!!

I am SO loving the new Specialty DSP from Stampin' Up!!! It's cardstock weight so the possibilities are endless! Here is another card I made from the To the Nines collection. The colors from the collection are Always Artichoke, Sage Shadow, Sahara Sand and Chocolate Chip. I added a Creamy Caramel star too being as the time clock had that in it as well!

...and the Good News is...

Yesterday was a fabulous day! Our family skied well into the late afternoon; and after a hot bubble bath, I flopped on the couch in my jammies and watched movies with the group until I called it a night for real.

Today I was supposed to go to work. My DH took my minivan being as all 4 of the younger kids had dental appointments for teeth cleaning. I was supposed to take his truck; and when he was done with them, he was going to drop them off to me so I could take them home, also doing a vehicle switch.

Well, as it turns out, his truck had no breaks when I went to leave! Nope, nada, none, zilch, zero...you get the idea. I pushed them to the floor and there wasn't any response. That's the bad news because we just had the master cylinder done on the truck a few weeks backs. Could it be that this is the problem again?

The good news is: while I was "stuck home" with no vehicle with which to get to the office, I had all this time on my hands so I meandered upstairs to my craft room where I did these quick cards. The 3rd card won't upload (?!?!) so I've finally decided it's not for anyone's eyes but the recipient's, my brother-in-law! Oh well.

My troops should be pulling in the driveway any moment so I will close here and get out the vacuum so there's no doubt I put my "spare time" to good use! You won't tell, will you?

This first card is for my daughter's friend's birthday who spends more time at our house than she does her own. I call her my 7th child.

This next card is for my Aunt Anna in San Diego, CA. She's a real gem!

A Valentine Surprise!

This is my 14 y.o. son holding my Valentine present - a specially-made breakfast that he whipped up with his own 2 hands! Both my hubby and I got one. Joe's not an early riser so the fact that he climbed out of bed when he didn't have to just to make us breakfast makes the surprise even more special!!! What a wonderful son, huh?

I am blessed, as I know you are too!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Promised CHA Pics of Projects...and more!

I felt like a kid in a candy store at the CHA. Never before had I seen so much inspiration in one place! I had already been to a couple of classes offered by specific vendors the day before the official launching of the convention, which only whetted my appetite and heightened anticipation, but when those doors finally opened and the throngs of people dressed in everything from business suits to sweats (!!!) rushed in, my goodness! My eyes couldn't take it all in in one quick glance. I didn't know where to start. So my friend and I started at one end of the convention center and went up and down the aisles repeatedly looking at the booths and what the vendors had to offer. Many booths had Make & Takes so we did as many of those as we could. And here posted are just a sampling of those.

This is the marquis as we got to the Convention Center. Notice the fact that there's no snow? That's right - only sunshine, and lots of it! Notice the palm trees - you don't see THOSE in New York!

This is the first Make & Take we did after entering the "floor." It's a little gift bag that was so simple to make (and take)!

This is actually a card we did in the Spellbinders class. It's supposed to have a bow tied in the corner but I didn't want to use all the extra ribbon (self-centered, I know. But I thought I could use it on another project!). The ribbon is one I'd not seen before so I of course encouraged my friend to buy some for her store! Amazing, soft stuff!

And this is a wooden frame I made at the Provo Craft booth! Since I'm totally into American flags this was right up my alley!!! Did I mention that I won a Cricut machine at that same time? Yep, my number was called so we wasted no time in getting up there to collect! Since my DH got me a Cricut for Christmas, I happily gave my new win to my friend for use in her store. I know, good friends are hard to find!

And this little gem I did at another booth but I can't remember which one. It's a canvas board that we inked and scrapped on. Very, very cute. I'm giving it to my oldest daughter to put pictures of she and her friend (whose a boy) in.
(The generosity is just oozing...)

And this next picture is for you, Debby Boltman! When we went to Hollywood and I saw Johnny Depp's STAR on the Walk of Fame, I had to take a picture of it just for you!

This next picture is actually a card I did in the Spellbinders class too. I'm entering it into the SBS Challenge for this week.

This is another Make & Take from one of the booths. Cute box, huh? I didn't finish embellishing it with flowers, but they're tucked inside for the time when I can manage it.

This is a card I made a few days ago for my niece whose having a birthday this week.

And this is a card for my brother, Steve, whose having a birthday on the 26th.

I have a couple more pictures to share but my computer is really acting up this morning so they must wait til later. I need to get ready to go skiing anyway. Have a blessed day everyone!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home From California!

Hi Everyone!

I'm home but haven't downloaded (uploaded?) my pics from my camera yet. And now I'm off to a basketball game for my son. Hopefully I'll have some productivity to that end when I return. Who wants to clean the bathrooms anyway? Blogging is so much more fun!!!

I had a fabulous time at the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) convention though. Wow. Talk about overload of possibilities!!! Kim, since you've been you know perfectly well what I mean. So many options!!! The place just oozed with imagination!

And my extended visit with my family was even more wonderful! What a time we had!

Did I mention the warm weather? Oh yeah - high 70s. Great! I came home to a 70 degree difference. What a reality check when I stepped off that plane!

I promise pics later! Time to hoot & holler for my son!