Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One More Post Today...

September 8, 2009 - Back to School for the kids!

And one more card I forgot to put in the previous post. This was a card we did in Orlando at the Super Craftshow. I sent it to a friend for her birthday. (I tried to move it to the bottom of this post but it wouldn't go so I guess I'm leaving it here.)

Oh, I just love my kids!
Did you notice my youngest daughter has her Bible in her hand in additition to another reading book?

Feast or Famine!

Well, you've got 26 or 27 cards to look at here.
It's not that I haven't been crafting - I have!
I've just not been posting.
Life has a way of happening you know!
These aren't in any specific order so I will quickly just tell you what occasion each was done for. Okay?
This first one is for my niece, Emily. Her birthday is coming up so it's still sitting in my craft room waiting to be mailed.

And this one was for a friend who gave me some Gamsol so I could play with my new pencils.

And this one was for my brother's girlfriend who had a birthday without me knowing about it. It's a little "belated" greeting!

And this one is for a friend's husband who had some skin cancer removed from his face. I know, the bandaids are in the wrong place but it's the only stamp I had that even remotely came close to a male having a boo-boo!

This one was for a very dear friend of mine whom I used to work with at the furniture store. Just a note of encouragement.

And this one's for a friend whose having a birthday in October. Yes, it's still sitting in my craft room too!

This one's for the group who had us in to minister at their Bible camp. It's just a little thank you that the whole family will sign and I'll eventually get in the mail!

This one's for my father-in-law's birthday. He really is "one of a kind!" Awesome and wonderful man! I love him!

This one's for a friend's birthday and is actually en route to California as we speak. The inside reads "...appreciate what is." In this case, the birthday boy (man) is "what is and yes! We appreciate him!"

This one's for a friend's church whose having a rededication service in a couple of days. My husband is the guest speaker at the event! Reason to celebrate indeed!

And this one was for another friend's ordination. He and his family have been missionaries in Khazakstan for 8 years, soon to be missionaries in China.

This is one of the cards I did at our church Stamp Camp in August. I wanted to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

A baby girl card for a couple at our church. The buggy has lights on it that lite up all over when the button is pushed! Fun!

Another Stamp Camp card that another friend did. (4 of us girls did 2 cards each. Sadly, I only have one of the girls' creations! 4 more beautiful cards are left unappreciated by you.)I sent this one to my hubby's brother and his wife for their anniversary recently.

Another Stamp Camp card done by the same girl who did the previous one. I sent this one to my mother-in-law for her birthday. She loved it!

And yet another Stamp Camp card that I did. I sent this one to the director of one of my kids' schools who was celebrating 50 years there!

My brother and sister-in-law's anniversary card.

A friend's daughter's wedding card. Don't you just love black and white together?

A thank you card to my daughter for the birthday gifts she brought me.

A thank you card to my friend for her birthday gift!

And a thank you card to my mom for her gift!

This one's for another friend's gift!

This one was for a very sad occasion. My 2nd daughter's friend from high school was killed in a car accident a couple weeks ago and this was the card I made for her family. Her favorite color was orange. If you think about it, please remember the Sherlock family in your prayers. It's been very rough time for them. (Thanks!)

This was my sister's birthday card. She was born the day after me only 6 years later. My husband thought this looked like "kids in a car seat" but clearly you can see that it's an ice cream sundae, right?

(Nearing the end here...)
This one was for my aunt in Oregon for her birthday.

And this one was for our kitchen crew at church who made me a gorgeous cake for my birthday! They're amazing, truly!

These are most of the cards that I've done since we've chatted. They're the ones I remembered to take pictures of anyways. Some got mailed or delivered without being preserved for posterity! Oh well...
See, I've been crafting, just not posting. Hopefully that will change from here on out but there are no guarantees!
I guess that's it!
Blessings to one and all!